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Gas monitors for a wide range of industrial applications

Delphian gas monitors are installed worldwide, wherever there exists potential danger from toxic and explosive gases. Onshore or offshore, inside or outside, Delphian provides safe solutions to meet the rigors of hazardous gas detection.


The bright, simple, one-touch calibration, gas-detection system that puts people and property protection wherever you need it.

The SafeCAL module installs in a Class ABCD (FMRC) conduit box with a glass dome. A Delphian sensor attaches through gold plated keyed connectors and a weatherproof fitting for easy installation and reliable operation. The entire system is sealed. All calibration is completed without opening the explosion-proof housing. SafeCAL will endure temperatures from -40ºC (-40ºF) to +85ºC (+185ºF). It will operate even when its conduit box is one third full of water.


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