Pulp & Paper

Our manufactured and distributed products are used by the Pulp and Paper industry in many applications.

Some examples of where our products are used in the paper making process include the digester plant, the bleach plant, the power plant and the boilers, the paper mill and paper production plant, dryers, evaporators, lime kilns, effluent treatment plant, and clarifiers.

Our custom manufactured Thermocouples and RTDs are used to measure critical temperatures through various parts of the process including product temperature, air temperature, bearing temperature, lube oil temperature, dryer temperature, and chemical temperatures.

Our sensors are manufactured under our ISO 9001:2008 certification and our calibration lab is ISO 17025 accredited, giving you the best quality product on the market today.

We distribute one of the most recognized instrumentation companies in the world: Honeywell. We can help you control or record various process mediums such as: temperature, pressure, flow and level. We can even do this wirelessly with Honeywell’s OneWireless system.

We also distribute borescope products from Lenox Instrument Company, which can assist viewing in hard to reach places. They facilitate inspections without costly disassembly. Also from Lenox are their high temperature cameras. These have been used to detect problems in boilers or to view inside kilns to see if a burner is working properly or to view product moving through it.


Partnered Solutions
The same customers that need our manufactured sensors, also require instrumentation from the leading manufacturers we represent:

  • Honeywell Controllers (regular and hybrid), Recorders (Paper or Video), Pressure, Flow and Level transmitters, Wireless transmitters, Actuators, Analytical instruments.
  • LumaSense Infrared pyrometers and Thermal Imagers
  • Krohne flowmeters and level transmitters
  • Lenox Borescope and High temperature cameras
  • Reotemp bimetal thermometer and pressure gauges
  • BASF (High temperature sensors and Infrared thermometers)
  • Eldridge (EPI) thermal mass flowmeters to measure air and gas flow


Compliance Standards

  • ISO 9001:2008 for over 17 years for sensors manufactured by Thermo-Kinetics.
  • Our Calibration Lab is ISO 17025 accredited - our calibration procedures and methodology have been vetted and approved by independent auditors.

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