Discover the OPTIWAVE line of non contact radar level measurement products from Krohne


The OPTIWAVE family is a selection of non-contact radar level meters that use FMCW technology (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave). They measure distance, level, and volume of liquids, solids and pastes, as well as the level of corrosive products with its PP or PTFE antenna options.

The 6300 for solids and the 7300 for liquids and pastes give a more stable measurement than pulse radar and is well suited to dusty process conditions. The device can operate at very low and very high process temperatures. KROHNE provides one converter for all antennas including the unique Drop antenna design used in very dusty atmospheres.

The OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine is a highly accurate and reliable instrument for reading level/ullage. It is submersible (IP67) and designed for installation on the main deck. Its stand-alone operation is independent of any main monitoring system. It also carries a back up display as standard for redundant indication locally.

The OPTIWAVE family now includes the 5200 version - available in compact or remote housings. It is ideal for measuring the level of corrosive products with its PP or PTFE antenna options. This 2-wire loop powered FMCW radar level meter is also SIL2-compliant according to IEC 61508 for safety-related systems.

The non-contact level measurement portfolio also includes Ultrasonic Level sensors especially suitable for level measurement of liquids, but are also excellent for solids. Through adapted emitting frequencies, levels in a measuring range of 0.25 m to 15 m (0.82 ft. to 49.2 ft.) can be measured. Resistant materials for transducers and process ttings also allow applications in corrosive products.


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