BoilerSpection™ Thermal Imaging System

BoilerSpection™ is a revolutionary thermal imaging system that helps coal-fired power plants or boilers run more efficiently, extract more energy from their coal and increase productivity


The challenge every coal plant owner or operator faces is to generate the maximum amount of energy with the lowest emissions in the safest and most economical way. To do so plant operators constantly manage changing fuels, loads and operations. While switching coals helps to meet price and emissions standards, it can produce greater fouling and slagging of the boiler tube surfaces. 

Dirty boiler tubes can reduce efficiency. To keep the plant running at the highest achievable efficiency soot and ash must be optimally cleaned from the boiler tubes. Currently, coal plant operators use a number of ways to clean boiler tubes but have inadequate methods to measure their effectiveness and many have negative impacts such as prolonged downtime and thermal stress to the boiler tubes.  Contact us to learn more about how you can capture lost boiler capacity by reducing unneccesary cleanings.

With a real-time inspection tool, plant operators can quickly and accurately identify process abnormalities before they grow into problems that can lead to unplanned outages. Operators can survey the furnace to identify tube leaks, guide cleaning maneuvers and tune the combustion. 

It is also a critical tool to analyze and verify the effects of process and equipment changes. For example, to measure the effect of burner adjustments or fuel changes on the overall combustion and slagging of the system.

Also learn about LumaSpec R/T software, which can also be utilized with BoilerSpection™.


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