Fixed and Portable Infrared Thermometers

Portable IMPAC IS 8 PRO Infrared Thermometer

Portable Infrared Thermometers

The Series 8 pyrometers are high-quality, battery driven portables for non-contact temperature measurement.

The Pro series is a revision of the 15 years proven Plus series. The instruments feature rugged aluminum housings, fully digital signal processing resulting in wider temperature ranges, as well as higher accuracy and fast response times (1ms). With the additional integrated graphic display and internal data logging capability, the measuring results can be shown and analyzed directly on site or exported for additional analysis.

For high temperatures the IS 8 Pro is available in two temperature ranges between 600 and 2500°C (1100 to 4500°F), for the medium temperatures the IGA 8 pro with a range from 250 to 1600°C (450 to 2900°F). The IS 8-GS pro is a special version (0.55 microns) for use in foundries.


Fixed Infrared Thermometers

Fixed Infrared Thermometers

Today’s increasing quality standards and higher energy costs demand more precise temperature control in your process.

With more than 50 years experience in temperature measurement, LumaSense Technologies is the industry leader in all areas of control and process monitoring.

LumaSense has the widest range of fixed system thermometers for all possible applications which cover temperatures from -20 to 3,000 Degrees C.

Depending on the Series of thermometer chosen customers can choose through the lens sighting or an LED targeting light which enables precise alignment on the measurement object. If the targeting light is chosen it is automatically active and can be used during measurement.

In addition to the analog output, the pyrometers are equipped with digital RS485 interfaces, which enable secure data transmission to a PC or a PLC over long distances. The included InfraWin software enables graphical display and storage of measurement values, as well as easy set-up of all instrument parameters.

A full complement of accessories from Cooling Jackets, Mounting Brackets, Air Purges, Cables and Configurators are available.


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