Temperature monitoring of hot rolled steel slab


Infrared PyrometerS used in Steel Mill Hot Rolling Application

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    A steel industry consulting engineering company offering machinery and a complete range of engineering services to the steel mill industry, from engineering services, machinery supply, automation systems, melt shop systems, operations training, and mill management software.

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A competitive edge to process more quickly, efficiently and reliably by improving the temperature monitoring of the hot rolled slab.

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An ultra-precise single point pyrometer developed specifically for high temperature steel industry applications with proven reliability in hostile environments that…

Measures strip and sheet temperature to efficiently set up the rolling mill to match the steel’s temperature.
These sensors also detect the presence of hot metal to accurately time the roll stand operation for maximum efficiency.


Pyrometer used to measure temperature of hot milling process

LumaSense IS 320 Pyrometer, 150C TO 1200C and LumaSense IGA 320/23, 200C TO 1800C were utilized.
Reliability details were ensured with use of heavy duty mount, SS air purge, and 90 Deg connector. Ease of service was ensured with an LED targeting light and adjustable mount. 4 - 20 mA analog output, and RS485 communication facilitated control system and operator integration.

Hot rolling quality standards were positively impacted and today’s high energy costs reduced via more accurate and consistent temperature control in the steel making process from the LumaSense pyrometers. Without this level of accuracy, operators are forced to reheat more often than necessary, wasting valuable time, money and energy.

Artistic impression of a hot rolled metal slab
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